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Advertising is a message designed to promote an idea, a product or a service Which people come in contact with or use in everyday life. Be it a soap or a saree, a perfume or a lipstick, a microwave or a washing machine. a pin or a car. advertising is the mainstay to sell anything.

With globalization and communication technology aiding the advertising media, it has become imperative for manufacturers and distributors to select a capable agency to handle their advertising needs.

Marlia Ads, with a decade of experience and expertise in the field of advertising media has been aiding clients in South India to inform, influence and persuade consumers to buy products and services by using its effective media techniques. An experiencedcreative team explores the market economy and suggests innovative ideas to manufacturers and distributors of consumer products and carries the burden of propagating these products and services in the minds of prospective buyers, thereby effecting an ultimate sale.

With a steady growth in their clients' businesses, Marlia Ads has also grown steadily with tiny increments, like each pebble consuming gallons of sweat, demanding loads of creative skills and drawing deep reserves from within to further the products and services of its clients.Marlia Ads has produced more than 50+ commercials for one of its proud clients Aachi Masala, in the last 10 years which has outclassed any commercial in this segment giving a run for its competitors and has paved the way for this brand to grow in leaps and bounds.